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Funeral Plans

The most thoughtful decision you can make. How planning your funeral brings peace of mind:

However hard we try to contain our own costs there are some third party expenses, known as disbursements, outside our control that contribute to the increasing cost of a funeral. So a prepaid funeral plan makes perfect sense both as a personal and financial decision.

It can be a very secure and economic way of providing for the future cost of a funeral as well as giving peace of mind that all the arrangements have been made in accordance with your wishes.

With over a million plans sold in the UK we are seeing an increasing number of families experience a sense of relief when they discover their loved one had already arranged and paid for their funeral. Their loved one’s thoughtfulness also made it so much easier for our family to serve their family.

How do I choose the right Funeral Plan?

There are many financial products on the market, you may have seen their adverts on TV offering to provide for the cost of a funeral. Most are required to carry financial health warnings, have upper age limits, do not detail the funeral arrangements or cover fully the cost. They do however offer free gifts when you apply.

We will give you something more valuable - independent advice, from a funeral director who has over 30 years, within the funeral service. Why not speak to the funeral professional at the outset? We understand the trust placed in us to provide the advice, expertise and reassurance to help you make your funeral arrangements.

Neil & Sonya Milsted's independent way funeral plan

Our Independent Way Funeral Plan is a totally bespoke funeral plan that allows us to tailor the funeral arrangements to the exact requirements of the client no matter how simple or complex they may be.

With such a variety of choice available such as motorbike and lorry hearses, a whole variety of eco friendly coffins, woodland burials, religious and secular celebrants and an increasing demand for repatriation, the Independent Way ensures we create a funeral that meets your requirements.

The Independent Way Funeral Plan is administered by Golden Charter the UK’s largest independent funeral plan provider and the funds held in the Golden Charter Trust.

For more details or to request a brochure please call 01423 885767 If you would like to arrange a meeting at your home, or visit us at our funeral home, please feel free to contact us.